The Divorce Connection provides support to individuals to navigate the challenges of separation and divorce with access to free professional services and resources in South Carolina.


Through this mission, Our goal is to create a network for individuals affected by the divorce process, so no one feels alone and isolated.



Divorce is hard and it is a life-changing process. When I was faced with the decision to leave my marriage, I felt alone without having family or friends in South Carolina who could relate to the emotions and feelings associated with the divorce process. I searched and collected resources from various places to prepare for the separation and divorce hearing. As a mom, I worried how this would affect my daughter and looked for support and co-parenting programs.

As I navigated life after the divorce hearing, I sought to connect with individuals who were or had experienced a divorce. During my community volunteer work, I found a lack of a centralized location of information and resources on the divorce process. In 2019, I started the Coffee and Divorce Chat podcast to share my story with topics of dating again, co-parenting, mental health, steps in the divorce process and much more. As the podcast reached a broader audience, I interviewed guests representing professional resources and services. I heard from listeners who felt alone, disconnected, and were seeking opportunities to network and connect with other divorcees. Real people who had stories to share and learn from others. The Divorce Connection was created to support those people and me as a divorcee. We are here to help you through this process.


Coffee and Divorce Chat

Grab a cup of coffee and listen to a new voice
on the topic of divorce.